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Banks’ Unrealized Losses soon to be Realized

The folks at GNS Economics, in their “Q-Review 1/2019” report, contend, contrary to the president, “the global economic recovery since 2009 has not been real. It has been achieved with massive debt and monetary stimulus, which has created an economy where normal rules of the market economy do not apply.”

Keynesians at the central bank think people are just so many particles to be plugged into their models to determine what to set the fed funds rate to, or how much Q to stir into its QE. But when the researchers plugged numbers into MV=PQ, they admitted, “(I)nflation in the U.S. should have been about 31 percent per year between 2008 and 2013, when the money supply grew at an average pace of 33 percent per year and output grew at an average pace just below 2 percent.”