Get Lost Norma Rae

There will be no movies made of last week’s union vote at the Canton, Mississippi Nissan assembly plant. Representatives of Nissan Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers union said late Friday that 2,244 workers, or 62 percent, voted against the UAW, while only 1,307, or 38 percent, favored the union. This was the first union vote at a Mississippi plant.

Bitcoin Showdown

There is no Janet Yellen in the crypto-world to arbitrate this sort of monetary brouhaha. Decentralization is the silky petals of the crypto flower, but this battle between the miners and what is known as Core, a group of developers is thorny and no one knows how it will come out.   

Risky Banking Turns Japanese

The problem is Japanese customers do not deposit dollars, so to buy dollar-denominated assets Japanese banks must borrow in dollars typically on a short-term basis.

 Thus, the perils facing all bankers -- borrowing short to lend long.