Musk vs. Buffett

Meanwhile, Warren Buffett is betting humans will be driving trucks for a long time to come.  He bought 38.6% of Knoxville, Tenn.-based family-owned Pilot Travel Centers LLC. Pilot Flying J and plans to boost ownership to 80 percent in 2023.

Politically Incorrect Architecture

“Abolish social housing, scrap prescriptive planning regulations and usher in the wholesale privatisation of our streets, squares and parks,” wrote Oliver Wainwright who was paraphrasing comments made by Patrik Schumacher shocking his architect colleagues in Berlin.  Suddenly, Schumacher became “the Trump of architecture."

Housing: Distorted and Unhealthy

The housing and lending markets are among the most distorted by government intervention. By bailing out Fannie, Freddie and the big banks, not to mention crony capitalism like the Lennar/FDIC Rialto partnership, the housing and debt markets were never allowed to crash and cleanse in a properly capitalistic way.

Legalization Creates Violence and Product Shortages

Pot is available everywhere and only when government gets in the way does supply become a problem. The California growers association worries, as Thomas Fuller writes, “there may not be enough regulated marijuana to serve the legalized market, a highly paradoxical situation in a state that is by far the largest cannabis producer.”