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Golf Goes the way of Wrestling

Golf is game that is dying with the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers.  Golf peaked even before 2009 when Woods wrapped his SUV around a tree, escaped then wife Elin’s attempt to take a divot out of the 14-time major champion.  

6 Hours in Old San Juan

With Royal Caribbean's business plan evidently to make sure its passengers have every opportunity to remain intoxicated for the duration of the entire voyage, it was the rare out-of-step, teetotaling cruiser who is up by 7:00 am to walk the narrow, cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.

Trump on the Couch

The day has arrived. Donald J. Trump, “firstly can’t make properly informed decisions, according to a White House aide. Briefing materials must be ‘no more than a single page…They must have bullet points but not more than nine per page."

Although new, online dating has rapidly grown to be a $4 billion business. Its reported that one in five people in a committed relationship met online. The most successful sites focus on pairing people by race, religion, or sexual orientation. It may not seem romantic, but being introduced to someone with the same intellectual capacity, drive, and common interests only makes sense.