Hopelessness: Farmers Today, Pensioners Tomorrow?

What happened in Detroit is a harbinger of things to come. While state and local officials have their heads in the sand,  “total unfunded pension liabilities have reached $3.85 trillion. That’s $434 billion more than last year. Amazingly, of that $3.85 trillion, only $1.38 trillion was recognized by state and local governments,” writes Oliver Garret for Forbes.  

College: Intolerance and a Waste of Money

Since there is no opposition on campus, the professoriate can call anyone who opposes their ideas, “racists,” and “fascists.”  Thus, speakers who are not necessarily controversial, like Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Charles Murray, even FEE’s Lawrence Reed, are demonized and booed off the stage or forced to cancel their talks due to threats of violence.

Cashing in on Too-Big-to-Fail

So, with FASB shocking the banks back to life with their rule-changing paddles, and the Fed offering banks a place on its bloated balance sheet to park cash and earn a risk-free 25 basis points, a few canny investors scooped up the warrants and waited for the Fed’s cheap money to raise all boats, even the comatose bank boats.